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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Donkey Fencing

I was able to get a good look at the extensive fencing done by the WVA to keep donkeys off the golf course. The manager says it is working. In my daytime observation, it is definitely keeping goats out, there were dozens of them running up and down outside the fence. The fence is on the far side of the course in the photo below, not really visible in this photo.

The WVA has contracted with a business to capture donkeys by luring them to temporary corrals. Once the corral has captured donkeys, the corral must be moved, as donkeys are smart and won't go into that corral in the same place again! WVA plans to move donkeys somewhere and also to have the males gelded.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Status: Traffic Incidents with Donkeys along Waikoloa Road

Through the South Kohala Traffic Safety Committee, I asked Captain Sanborn of the HPD to report on the number of donkey-car mash-ups in recent months. He reports there have been none at all since January of 2009.

We have reliable anecdotal data of at least one incident this Fall where a donkey was struck and killed on the road.

Part of the problem with tracking the number of incidents may be that it is not part of the standard way HPD keeps statistics on accidents. I'll pursue this with Capt. Sanborn when he returns from his vacation. Meanwhile, I may be able to find out how many dead donkeys are removed by the DLNR from the road, as they have the responsibility for picking them up. As you know from reading this Blog, it is not easy to make contact with the DLNR.