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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please Donʻt Water the Donkeys

Several people have let me know they are providing water to the donkeys, or want to.

Please do not provide them water. Honestly, they just don't need it. Providing water draws them closer to the Waikoloa streets and homes.

They are thriving, that is part of the problem! With less food and water, their fecundity would be reduced.

If they are coming in your yard to drink from your birdbath (at least two people are having this problem), I suggest you do not put water in your birdbath for a while. If you find the presence of donkeys in your yard undesirable, I recommend a strong fence, constructed within the guidelines of County laws and the Waikoloa Village Association covenants.

If you have the means to provide constantly-available water, food, and some shade for 3 dozen donkeys a short distance from town and roads, please let us know! That is one third of the solution to the problem of moving them. Another third is a place to put them, and I have a potential place for that. The final third, is moving them.