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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to Do When You See a Donkey on the Road

Call Police Dispatch
Don't Hit It!

As of last night there is a donkey on Waikoloa Road at the upper part of the S Curve just above the Village.

Captain Sanborn has confirmed that you can call Hawaii County Police Dispatch when you see a donkey on or by the road. They will send out an officer to try to locate the donkey, so give the clearest directions possible. (The S Curve is near the 7 mile marker. The bottom of the S Curve is "just above the stables.")

If they can find the donkey, they will get a rancher to come take it to the Hawaii Island Humane Society. It's hard to find a donkey in the dark; The Police will do their best.

Do not call 911, Call 935-3311 Please don't call them when you see the donkeys in your yard or behind fencing.

Working With County of Hawaii

The South Kohala Traffic Safety Committee has asked Public Works to develop a procedure whereby the County's flashing traffic warning signs could be occasionally placed along Waikoloa Road, especially at the S curve above the Village, as a reminder to ourselves that there may be donkeys ahead. After a while, the posted signage becomes "invisible" to those of us who regularly traverse that section of road. I hope to have an update on the status of this by next month.