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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Troubling News

At the Waikoloa Village Association Board Meeting on October 27, the Board approved funds for building a fence and corrals to keep donkeys off the WVA golf course and to catch and remove the donkeys from in and around the Village. The problem is considered urgent and they are moving forward rapidly.

The Worrisome News
The WVA has arranged for the DLNR (Hawaii Division of Land and Natural Resources)to move the donkeys by some method, unknown to me, and to a location unknown to anyone. Details on the method of movement and the location are lacking. Answering my question of where the donkeys will be moved, the response was of the "Don't ask, you don't want to know" variety.

There is no reason to believe DLNR will do anything more than dispose of the donkeys, that is, kill them. The DLNR has never to our knowledge relocated any feral animals. They kill bothersome feral animals.

The DLNR does not publicly announce most of their plans to kill feral animals. Thus the public will not know.

This is not to say we don't want to work with the DLNR, we do.

We are working to get more information from both the DLNR and WVA. We have many concerns about the safety conditions in the corrals, in transportation safety and in euthanasia methods.

Regular readers will recall, the solution to keeping donkeys off Waikoloa Road are 1) Building a strong corral and luring the donkeys in with food, 2) moving donkeys, and 3) having a safe place to put them.

Malama Waikoloa Nightingales is recommending to the WVA Board that the corrals be built close to WVA open space above the Village. We recommend the jacks (male donkeys) be gelded before release. From there, donkeys could be moved to fenced WVA open space above the Village. This option has been discussed with the WVA before, but is not now under consideration. MLM is also asking the Board to state that no donkeys will be killed.