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Friday, June 26, 2015

Good News of the Mauka Donkey aka "the wet burrito."

The owner of the distressed donkey pictured in prior post, was identified through help from a neighbor.  As the search for the owner drew to a close,  the Hawaii Island Humane Society stepped in to be sure the donkey was receiving care.

HIHS was able to contact the owner and spoke with him and then went on a tour of his pasturage to see the donkey.  The owner was able to have the donkeys hooves trimmed. The owner plans better oversight of this parcel of land, which turns out to be 80 acres. He will be able to keep track of the donkey's needs and was made aware that if it needs a home in the future, one can be found.

This situation can happen when someone doesn't realize a donkey can live 30 years. It's not unusual for a donkey to outlive its owner, so wise adopters make plans for their donkeys in their estates. It was acquired about 20 years ago and when the owner died,  the donkey was apparently forgotten. Now the donkey will have a healthier life.

Thanks go to the HIHS for taking on the task of addressing the donkey's needs with the owners, and to the owners who stepped in immediately to care for the family's forgotten member.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mauka Donkey

Just to report things are fine with the herd that remains here (no current estimate) but it is looking good and has food.

Things are not so good for a lost cousin up mauka, as the photo shows. We are working on access and an assessment of donkey's health. You can clearly see here what happens when a donkey on wet ground does not have farrier services. Our rough lava flows do an imperfect but adequate job of keeping their hooves "trimmed".  This misaligns their whole body and leads in increased presence of certain donkey diseases,. None of our herd is perfect but none we have seen is in this bad shape. This donkey hopefully can be saved.
Have you seen me?
ANYONE with info on this or other Kēkake Mauka (Mountain Donkey)
 please call 808 937 2309

We are still here, we still need adoptive homes, and humane solutions to a donkey's problems, if any, are the only kind we use.

No other news. There have been a few on-going adoptions. With Brady Bergin, DVM, out of state it is more difficult to be active, but both Brady and HSUS are both still involved and rescuing donkeys and adopting donkeys out. They are considering on-going periods of smaller round ups to keep up with sterilization of donkeys to abate growth of herd.)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Are the donkeys thirsty?

Possibly, sometimes.

While the donkeys people see off Waikoloa Road sometimes appear to have no water, they are watered twice a week and also have other access to water. Would they like more? Probably. But with as much green grass, even dry grass, they can go a long time without water and longer on "low water".  Donkeys,  like camels, can fill up all at once after working (bearing our burdens) a long number of days without water,  If they fill up all at once from "empty" they can drink 13 gallons of water! I have to get out my calculator and figure the percent of body weight that is. ... later.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March and Where are the Donkeys

Here is my previous post on Where Did the Donkeys Go?

But no doubt there are still a few enjoying your water features (ponds, birdbaths, pools) and tasty shrubbery and grass. Hopefully only a few. Hopefully not exposed to small children who might want to "pet the donkey".  Report your sightings per usual.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Equine 808! Oahu Nightingales.

2011 was a good year. Here is something I didn't report on fully at the time:

With help from Dr. Brady Bergin and CB horse Rescue, Equine 808 on Oahu has begun trying to find homes for some of our "spare" donkeys. Equine 808's website. links to a good video by KITV, that I haven't linked to before.

Mahalo Equine 808 and the people who got those little donkeys to Oahu. They didn't just swim there, you know.

I need to follow up and see what success they have had. My to-do list gets longer.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two "Donkey Incidents" on Monthly Police Blotter

In February, Hawaii County Police Department reported two calls where officers investigated donkey sightings near both the upper highway in the (old) Saddle Road vicinity and Waikoloa Road. Due to HPD's cycling officers around the Island, I didn't get a clear report  if they were inside or outside of fencing. I think now most of us know to call only when they are outside fencing.

Gunner Mench, new Chair, South Kohala Traffic Safety Committee, being congratulated by HPD Police Captain Aimee Wana
So, stay alert, know the drill. Especially at dawn and dusk. Drive the speed limit. Expect an invisible donkey. Call 911 if it's on the road. Best if you can park and stay till an officer can arrive to keep track of whee the donkey is. Know that's a lot to ask. Get the MILE MARKER for the police and for me, please, and let me know at

A few reports of them in the Village continue to come to me, but none have been called to police. Not much they can do in such a case. Let me know, so I can keep the rescue team in the loop.

If there are more reports, we'll have to search for fence breaks. Any hikers out there willing to help this time? It's more fun than it sounds. (And we learned to do it going DOWN hill.) My orthopedist said, "Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? You've been out walkin' fences for too long." But I'm still handy with keeping track of what's inspected and trying to find the right property owner to repair it. I bring treats, too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Year and No Posts - But Still Got Donkeys?

Wow, a full year has gone by since there was significant news to report. About all that has happened in the interim is a slow and steady capture program for neutering males and adopting them out. You can imagine that after adopting out about 600 donkeys, the current demand is pretty low! So, that is the news.

Every month the police reports no donkey incidents for over a year now!

Yup, there are still donkeys. Do report your sightings to me if they are outside fenced areas. And if they are on the road, call 911.
Three donkeys who are at the CB Horse Rescue awaiting a loving home!
Bird McIver does an wonderful job gentling them. 
If they are munching on your garden and pooping on your yard, check that you haven't installed a water feature or gotten a break in your fence. Or build a fence (really, the only answer.) Fence plans must be approved by the WVA.

I enjoy hearing from you all now and again.

When there is some uptick in news on organizing something like a sanctuary where we can neuter males and administer birth control to females, to maintain the same population during it's natural lifetime, I will post it here!