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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two "Donkey Incidents" on Monthly Police Blotter

In February, Hawaii County Police Department reported two calls where officers investigated donkey sightings near both the upper highway in the (old) Saddle Road vicinity and Waikoloa Road. Due to HPD's cycling officers around the Island, I didn't get a clear report  if they were inside or outside of fencing. I think now most of us know to call only when they are outside fencing.

Gunner Mench, new Chair, South Kohala Traffic Safety Committee, being congratulated by HPD Police Captain Aimee Wana
So, stay alert, know the drill. Especially at dawn and dusk. Drive the speed limit. Expect an invisible donkey. Call 911 if it's on the road. Best if you can park and stay till an officer can arrive to keep track of whee the donkey is. Know that's a lot to ask. Get the MILE MARKER for the police and for me, please, and let me know at

A few reports of them in the Village continue to come to me, but none have been called to police. Not much they can do in such a case. Let me know, so I can keep the rescue team in the loop.

If there are more reports, we'll have to search for fence breaks. Any hikers out there willing to help this time? It's more fun than it sounds. (And we learned to do it going DOWN hill.) My orthopedist said, "Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? You've been out walkin' fences for too long." But I'm still handy with keeping track of what's inspected and trying to find the right property owner to repair it. I bring treats, too.