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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Year and No Posts - But Still Got Donkeys?

Wow, a full year has gone by since there was significant news to report. About all that has happened in the interim is a slow and steady capture program for neutering males and adopting them out. You can imagine that after adopting out about 600 donkeys, the current demand is pretty low! So, that is the news.

Every month the police reports no donkey incidents for over a year now!

Yup, there are still donkeys. Do report your sightings to me if they are outside fenced areas. And if they are on the road, call 911.
Three donkeys who are at the CB Horse Rescue awaiting a loving home!
Bird McIver does an wonderful job gentling them. 
If they are munching on your garden and pooping on your yard, check that you haven't installed a water feature or gotten a break in your fence. Or build a fence (really, the only answer.) Fence plans must be approved by the WVA.

I enjoy hearing from you all now and again.

When there is some uptick in news on organizing something like a sanctuary where we can neuter males and administer birth control to females, to maintain the same population during it's natural lifetime, I will post it here!