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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Planning Begins for Donkey Sanctuary

While we definitely still have donkeys available for adoption, we also are beginning work in earnest for some sort of permanent donkey playground, sanctuary, fenced place that is near by where we can maintain a herd of some size, using humane birth control methods. How big it is and where it is determines the number that can be protected from their own over-population in the future. Fencing, water, access, food, ... a long list of needs to manage a successful program. The United States Humane Society once again is stepping forward to give us guidance and assistance. This will be a local effort, but their advice and ideas are invaluable. Three experts from the USHS will be here in Waikoloa soon to meet with volunteers and community leaders to help us plan a way forward.   We are hoping for good participation from a variety of folks. I'll post after the meeting with who participated in the discussion and with some highlights.