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Friday, June 25, 2010

Donkeys in Your Yard? Donkeys in the Road, Too. Please Don't Provide Water!

Watering donkeys near your property draws more donkeys around the Village and making that many more of them down the hill, where there is no fencing. That donkey warning sign on Waikoloa Rd, just makai of Paniolo is there because donkeys have been sighted in that area for some time. They are down around the Fire Department, too.

Plus providing water to them near your yard is keeping them away from the safe capture point where donkeys are captured and removed from the Village. That is the solution. Let it work.

Please see previous posts on the subject of "water".

Please, pass this word around: don't water the donkeys. The donkeys don't need it and while it might keep them out areas of your yard, it has delayed the WVA's relocation efforts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Donkeys on the Roads

There are definitely donkeys on the road, right now. We've had reports of from 2 to 6 that are out of fencing. Currently most of the sightings are at (what would be) the 7 mile marker on Waikoloa Road. Right at sunset is prime time, followed by late into the night. They are on either side of the road. Of course, they can be anywhere at anytime, so please remember DRIVE LIKE THERE MIGHT BE A DONKEY STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU, RIGHT AROUND THE NEXT CURVE. Or, maybe that car in front of you might find a donkey the hard way.