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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Donkeys in the VIDEO News!

Look at this great video news story by Dave Corrigan of Big Island Video News. Thoughtful interviews with Keith Dane, HSUS Equine Director, and Dr. Brady Bergin of Waimea about hope for our donkeys. Big Island Video News covers many Kohala topics and is found at and also has regular showings on Na Leo o Hawaii public access television. Bookmark it!

VIDEO: Waikoloa donkeys discussed at Hawaii Horse Expo

Today's North Hawaii News has an excellent article on last Saturday's community meeting with Waikoloa Village Association, United States Humane Society, and Dr. Brady Bergin. On news stands now. Check out the donkey dos and donkey don'ts.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Community Meeting on Donkeys a Great Success!

The Donkey Round Table at the WVA Conference room was well attended. We ran out of chairs! On a Saturday night! I'll count chairs to see how many were in attendance, and add 15.

The audience represented every view point about donkeys I can imagine exists. That was a very good thing.

A large number of homeowners directly affected by donkeys on their properties were also involved and great participants.

I am very happy to report:

The WVA will very likely support paying for water to keep a large number of donkeys from descending into the Village while it continues its efforts to capture and re-home the ones currently around the village. They may also help defray costs of medicines used to neuter male donkeys that are re-homed, so we are not just moving the problem around. These costs are very moderate, a tiny fraction of the money the WVA had to spend on one fence to keep donkeys off the golf course. There were pros and cons expressed on this; I think most people are in agreement with this general plan.

Please mention your support for these plans to a WVA Board Member. This will help ensure a positive outcome.  You can reach the WVA Board Members by phone or by email to and asking it to be forwarded to all or certain Board Members.

Dr. Brady Bergin is willing to perform services as needed on a volunteer basis, and has other vets lined up to also pitch in. The Humane Society of the United States (USHS) can also send in a team, if we need one.

Both Dr. Bergin and the HSUS are very optimistic about mid and long term plans to manage the herds at a sustainable level. Keith Dane, their National Equine Director stepped up to the plate with many ideas they will explore. HSUS have excellent contacts and resources to bring to help in the effort of humanely keep the donkey population from growing so fast. They are actively working on these very issues today, making a technical presentation at the Horse Expo in Waikoloa today, Sunday, to gain interest and support for the ideas they have.

The time will come when more will be needed of us, but nothing we can't do. Right now, just be grateful! WVA members, please let the Board know of your support.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Donkey Meeting with USHS Waikoloa Saturday Aug. 21 at 6 PM

Donkey Poster August 2010