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Monday, February 22, 2010

Donkey Relocation Update

The Waikoloa Village Association Manager reports that some donkeys around Waikoloa have been moved to fenced areas mauka. Plans are to capture "a larger part of the herd". At that point they will be moved to a place I am looking in to. It is probably fine. Still checking.

A Second Sighting on Waikoloa Road.

We have a second reliable report of a donkey outside fencing, standing IN THE ROAD, on Waikoloa Road, just above the 8 mile marker. It was in the evening and there was one donkey visible.

March Update:
This was possibly the donkey that was last reported to us as a carcass in the road. So sad.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please continue to contact us if you see donkeys outside of fenced areas near the road.

There has been a reliable report of at least one donkey by the side of the road above the stable and in the S curve area. This was at dusk, evening. Stay Alert.

We know they are several locations within the Village. If/when donkeys are captured and moved from the Village area, it will be helpful to know at what addresses they remain. The addresses will not be posted but shared with those who might help continue efforts by the WVA.

Donkey Capture Status

None of the donkeys around Waikoloa Village have been trapped yet, although the arrangement to lure them in the corral is in place. After they are trapped they are to be moved to a safe location and received care. We're in the process of double checking this is a good future for the donkeys, we think it will be.

Once successful, this will reduce (not eliminate) the threat of donkeys on lower Waikoloa Road.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Donkey Water Needs

For the first time in several years, I do think the donkeys are having a hard time finding good water. It is dry from the top to the bottom of Waikoloa Road. Nevertheless, DON'T WATER THE DONKEYS IN YOUR YARD OR NEAR YOUR PROPERTY! It just draws them into the Village. The paucity of water also limits new fountain grass for grazing.

Long term plans, have to factor in the water situation as well as the acreage to determine about how many donkeys the area can support, and keep them healthy.

Answer to earlier trivia question: how much does a donkey weigh? My best guestimate, for the "mid size" Waikoloa donkey is 400-500 pounds. The amount of water consumption per donkey can be based on weight, times number of donkeys. Then we need estimates of how much water is "out there".