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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to Do When You See a Donkey on the Road

Call Police Dispatch
Don't Hit It!

As of last night there is a donkey on Waikoloa Road at the upper part of the S Curve just above the Village.

Captain Sanborn has confirmed that you can call Hawaii County Police Dispatch when you see a donkey on or by the road. They will send out an officer to try to locate the donkey, so give the clearest directions possible. (The S Curve is near the 7 mile marker. The bottom of the S Curve is "just above the stables.")

If they can find the donkey, they will get a rancher to come take it to the Hawaii Island Humane Society. It's hard to find a donkey in the dark; The Police will do their best.

Do not call 911, Call 935-3311 Please don't call them when you see the donkeys in your yard or behind fencing.