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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please continue to contact us if you see donkeys outside of fenced areas near the road.

There has been a reliable report of at least one donkey by the side of the road above the stable and in the S curve area. This was at dusk, evening. Stay Alert.

We know they are several locations within the Village. If/when donkeys are captured and moved from the Village area, it will be helpful to know at what addresses they remain. The addresses will not be posted but shared with those who might help continue efforts by the WVA.

Donkey Capture Status

None of the donkeys around Waikoloa Village have been trapped yet, although the arrangement to lure them in the corral is in place. After they are trapped they are to be moved to a safe location and received care. We're in the process of double checking this is a good future for the donkeys, we think it will be.

Once successful, this will reduce (not eliminate) the threat of donkeys on lower Waikoloa Road.