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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

County Considering "Strieter-Lites" for Waikoloa Road

A civil engineer from the County Traffic Division came out and, with MWN memebers, took a look at an area around the S curve that might serve as a test for something called Strieter-Lites. For now they have ordered just a few to "take a look at" and then determine if a test will be set up. These devices go along the roadside and are triggered by headlights to emit a pattern of red light that appears to be moving, that only the animals will see, not drivers. Whether or not it will work for donkeys is unknown. In some places, it has worked for moose, elk, and deer. Donkeys do become used to lighting as a deterrent, so we will have to see. Also, note, they only will work at night, dawn, and dusk when people hopefully have their headlights on. And if a donkey is already on the road...

I am encouraged by this interest in something new by the County.

Meanwhile, I am going to continue to ask about the electronic warning signs for us humans. So far all I've heard is unofficial and along the lines of "they are all broken."