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How to Help

The "scoops" so you can help Waikoloa Nightingales!

  • THE BIG GIVE"Give me land, lots of land, under sunny skies above, but do fence me in!" (Based on lyrics by Porter/Fletcher.)   Donate, or provide a long term lease on charitable terms, of large acreage suitable for a donkey sanctuary. Experts are available now and do help potential donors with site evaluations. Email or, contact the USHS at (
    • Call Police Dispatch 935-3311 if you see a donkey on Waikoloa Road or other highway, road, street, boulevard, place. Give location by mile marker or street address, if possible. Pull over and do it from your cell phone right then. If possible, stay and keep the donkey in visual range, at least until if you know the police are coming and when. Sometimes they cannot come due to other bigger emergencies. Dispatcher can let you know. 
      • Report donkeys in and very near Waikoloa Village to Malama Waikoloa Nightingales. Email this blogger at Details are important: how many, time of day, dates, specific location, your phone.  Street Names and Street Addresses are most helpful. No one will visit your property without your permission; vague descriptions aren't enough. This helps with tracking donkey movements so we know where to locate the humane trap in the future.

      • Donate to United States Humane Society (USHS) Waikoloa Donkey Project. This reimburses out-of-pocket expenses of local volunteer efforts to capture, castrate and re-home the donkeys. This is a 501(c)3, a tax deductible donation. Note this is the US Humane Society, not a local one. ( It is important to donate using the links on that site, or this one, so the money goes to the right fund dedicated to Waikoloa donkeys. If you do need to send a check, also contact Inga Gibson, HSUS in Honolulu to alert her to watch for it to be applied correctly.

      • Report sick or injured donkeys in Waikoloa to the Donkey Coordinator at  Again, details are important! How is the donkey behaving, where is it located, how can you be reached by phone? Within a day, if the vet is available, the vet will do everything possible for the donkey, involving others, as needed. Note, that is feral donkeys within Waikoloa Village, not out in the fields, unless you have a legal right to be there and can take the vet there. 
      • Report abused donkeys to the Hawaii County Police (HPD). You will likely need to provide PROOF of abuse. This is the only way they can enter private property. HPD will notify the Hawaii Island Humane Society (HIHS) who has authority to do the rescue. Tthis is mainly for donkeys you might see elsewhere, as no one may keep a donkey on their 

      All area codes are 8 0 8. is the "Donkey Coordinator" who volunteers for Dr. Bergin. is me, the author of this blog and I live in Waikoloa. You can get on my email list by emailing me; I respond to all emails.