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Friday, June 19, 2009

*STATUS* Donkey Update

Met with leading local vet and respected local rancher. Best approach is a round up by paniolo on horseback with dogs who are used for herding. Depending on who we can find to do the job (no volunteers yet) it may take two attempts over a period of time. The donkeys may need to be tempted into and then held briefly in a holding station, a corral, until they can be moved. They will be fed and watered, if so.

**note: later determined that round up is not feasible, just leading to corral with food and water.)**

**note: still later learned that a corral with a trail of special bait may be all that is needed to attract donkeys to a particular area.

We've found where we can put them and where we can't. (Have not mapped it yet.)

There is ample natural food and water mauka to support these donkeys that escaped.

Have spoken with Mayor's Office, Public Works, DLNR, Fire, Police, Humane Society, the vet, several ranchers, potential volunteer groups. Have considered several alternatives.

Most feasible solution is moving donkeys (and it's best for the donkeys.)