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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update: Where Did All the Donkeys Go?

If you live here, you know, we have had a good amount of rain. This has allowed the Waikoloa Nightingale donkeys to spread out for green grasses and water. (Donkeys get a lot of water from the young grasses.) This has relieved pressure on the donkeys and they are much less of a problem on Waikoloa Road and less of an annoyance in the neighborhoods.

But they are still here, so stay alert. While the Hawaii Police Department reports no calls on donkey sightings on Waikoloa Road in May (yea!), there was a reliable anecdotal report from a tourist that they avoided a donkey right on the road a few days ago.

They are still around the Village but according to my Waikoloa reporters, they are putting less pressure on the neighborhoods. South Kohala Community Policing Officer Denise Smith-Erickson has seen one in a Waikoloa front yard, and was quite amazed. She'd heard a lot about them, but that was her first sighting, right there!