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Monday, August 15, 2011

Waikoloa Talk Story August 26th, 6:30, at Community Church

Talk Story about Waikoloa Donkeys
Friday August 26th at 6:30 – 7:30 PM
Waikoloa Community Church Fellowship Hall
Paniolo Ave., across from Waikoloa School

Malama Waikoloa Nightingales is hosting a Community Talk Story to review the latest developments with our Waikoloa feral donkeys. All Waikoloans are invited and encouraged to participate. 

The leaders of humane efforts to re-home Waikoloa Donkeys are Brady Bergin, Waimea veterinarian, plus Inga Gibson and Keith Dane of the United States Humane Society (USHS). They will review accomplishments and explain the immediately upcoming clinic to examine over 100 captured Waikoloa Nightingale donkeys, castrating the jacks, and readying them for re-homing (adoption).  

USHS Medical Associates veterinarian clinic volunteers from the Mainland will also be on hand for information sharing. Other recent developments, local adoption activities, and the plan to safely fly about 100 donkeys to a renowned donkey rescue in Southern California, in September will be highlighted. This means the vets and their assistants will be creating thorough documentation and "chipping" of individual donkeys so some may be shipped out-of-state.

Community questions and concerns about these volunteer efforts will be addressed, in a Q&A session.

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