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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Donkey Near Mamalahoa Highway

Example Waikoloa Nightingale
Ear Damage From Rough Life
Amidst all this great news, I need to remind everyone there can be donkeys on the road any time, anywhere. Right now there seems to be a donkey loose near the 9MM of Mamalahoa Highway. Just one. As you know, catching a donkey is not easy at all, but we are all trying our best. Meanwhile, drive carefully. Especially you dawn commuters to North Hawaii Community Hospital and the telescopes.

As always, if you see a donkey near the road, outside of fencing, call Police Dispatch at 935--3311. If it is on the road, you may need to use 911, if you deem it an emergency situation. If you can, stay near the spot where you can see the donkey so you can report it's location if the police are sending someone right away.

Photo by Michael O'Brien.

Update: the donkey was safely returned to his herd! Thank you, Donkey Magic Menehune who can never have the credit they deserve. Around Christmas time.