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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Meeting Planning for Our Donkey's Future

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Last week, we had three distinguished visitors from the United States Humane Society. They asked us to call together key volunteers and community leaders and we did. They led a meeting where we discussed goals, objectives and next steps for the donkeys remaining in Waikoloa. I will write a full report after I have sent out the thank you emails! And after I get some minutes or notes from someone, as I am not the one to do that. (whew!)

I can report that there seem to be fewer than 100 donkeys left in the Waikoloa Area and that fewer than 10 are hanging out around town. We are beginning to trap and move those to another locations. However, we have donkeys "stored" in a few places that are full up, awaiting adoptors. So we really need focus on how we will maintain a stable population of donkeys now that the herd size is down. It will involve castration of makes and possibly the PZP immunization that can prevent pregnancy in females up to two years. I have nothing firm to report on that.

But one day I will. So stay tuned, we are going to ABSOLUTELY need your support for efforts to actually SAVE our donkeys now that are reaching a manageable number.