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Friday, June 26, 2015

Good News of the Mauka Donkey aka "the wet burrito."

The owner of the distressed donkey pictured in prior post, was identified through help from a neighbor.  As the search for the owner drew to a close,  the Hawaii Island Humane Society stepped in to be sure the donkey was receiving care.

HIHS was able to contact the owner and spoke with him and then went on a tour of his pasturage to see the donkey.  The owner was able to have the donkeys hooves trimmed. The owner plans better oversight of this parcel of land, which turns out to be 80 acres. He will be able to keep track of the donkey's needs and was made aware that if it needs a home in the future, one can be found.

This situation can happen when someone doesn't realize a donkey can live 30 years. It's not unusual for a donkey to outlive its owner, so wise adopters make plans for their donkeys in their estates. It was acquired about 20 years ago and when the owner died,  the donkey was apparently forgotten. Now the donkey will have a healthier life.

Thanks go to the HIHS for taking on the task of addressing the donkey's needs with the owners, and to the owners who stepped in immediately to care for the family's forgotten member.