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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mauka Donkey

Just to report things are fine with the herd that remains here (no current estimate) but it is looking good and has food.

Things are not so good for a lost cousin up mauka, as the photo shows. We are working on access and an assessment of donkey's health. You can clearly see here what happens when a donkey on wet ground does not have farrier services. Our rough lava flows do an imperfect but adequate job of keeping their hooves "trimmed".  This misaligns their whole body and leads in increased presence of certain donkey diseases,. None of our herd is perfect but none we have seen is in this bad shape. This donkey hopefully can be saved.
Have you seen me?
ANYONE with info on this or other Kēkake Mauka (Mountain Donkey)
 please call 808 937 2309

We are still here, we still need adoptive homes, and humane solutions to a donkey's problems, if any, are the only kind we use.

No other news. There have been a few on-going adoptions. With Brady Bergin, DVM, out of state it is more difficult to be active, but both Brady and HSUS are both still involved and rescuing donkeys and adopting donkeys out. They are considering on-going periods of smaller round ups to keep up with sterilization of donkeys to abate growth of herd.)