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Monday, November 30, 2009

Persistent Donkey Myth: Donkeys are Dying for Lack of Water

It is very hard for our minds to wrap around the idea that the Waikoloa Nightingales don't need to be given water. Yes, they do need water, and sometimes it is harder for them to find. They should not be kept somewhere with no fresh water. According to THE PEACEFUL VALLEY DONKEY RESCUE, donkeys are so adapted to dry conditions that
Donkeys can tolerate water loss up to 30% of their body weight; they can replenish it in only 15 minutes of drinking.
Which brings us to the question of what does a donkey weigh? To determine that, we need to know, how tall is the donkey? Stay tuned for factoids.

Meanwhile, let's review:

MWN is working on ways to help the donkeys for the long term.  Join us, we need you.