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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

USHS Brings Resources to the Donkeys

U.S. Humane Society now has their Veterinary Director in touch with two Island vets; a very good thing. This is the third specialist the U.S. Humane Society has involved in the project to safely manage the herds.

Waikoloa Village Association is building a fence to protect its golf course and planning to capture many donkeys to keep them out of people's yards. Since donkeys will walk a fence to the end, this presents a challenge. The HelCo "powerline" road is an example of a long, sturdy, well maintained fence that just ends abruptly. The donkeys go along it and around the end.

The concern is that no donkeys be harmed, that they find suitable homes, and that males be gelded before being released somewhere else on the Island.