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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Video of Donkey Clinic at Waiki'i Ranch August 27 - 28

Nothing I could tell you about the clinic would be a bit better than asking you to watch this Big Island Video News report. It takes less than 5 minutes, and every second is action packed, in living color, and loaded with information.  Remember, everything you see is done to veterinary equine protocol of the highest standards and the jacks are anesthetized. There is a reason for everything, to protect the donkeys and the people helping them.

The Waikoloa talk story about donkeys last Friday at the Church was very well attended and we had many special guests. Up front, in addition to the usual cast, we had the four veterinary volunteers from Salinas, California, plus State Senator Clayton Hee. In the audience, were folks who had adopted donkeys and talked of their experiences. 

Senator Hee rode tall in the saddle in the clinic on Saturday and Sunday and was a big help. I was privileged to be at the clinic, watch from outside the fence, and meet all the volunteers. Another Friend of the Waikoloa Nightingales joined me and got to talk story with people from all the Islands, including paniolo on horses and utility vehicles. Horse trailers and trucks galore. Wow, so impressive.