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Sunday, September 4, 2011

State Senator Clayton Hee Video Interview

Just watch:

Senator Hee eloquently explains the clinic is the "embodiment of a way of life", an all-volunteer effort of people helping donkeys originally brought here to be hard-working animals for a variety of work, especially in the Kona coffee industry. No tax-payer money has been spent on this on-going, successful project.

Ginger Towne, West Hawaii Humane Society
with Senator Clayton Hee
Senator Hee, participated in the entire clinic, as well as attending our Waikoloa Talk Story the night before, about an hour off his plane from Oahu!  He is an expert horseman and who grew up in Kona on coffee plantations and speaks directly to why we must care for our donkeys.

Dr. Bergin also explains and shows more what happened "in the chute", which was not part of the first video.

Again, thanks to Big Island Video News comes through great viewing and excellent interviews.

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